Gravity of Shadows #1 on ComiXology!

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Gravity of Shadows #1

Henry Murke has been called into action and joins the war effort to battle side by side his fellow man. The military quickly realizes that Henry has a special skill and won’t clue him into what that is, just that he has a new mission; to survive and end the suffering of men and their families. Henry is not allowed to carry a gun, be a medic, a priest or aid others in any way, except take their tokens and return it to the dead soldiers’ family. Other soldiers disdain him and find him weak since he doesn’t fight, but they all know that wherever Henry goes; death and destruction is imminent. Henry is a black cat of bad luck but must complete his mission. As the war continues, his memories of his wife and son begin to wane and his bag of collectible items grows, only weighing him down. The bag is a symbol of his life and burden. Henry’s mental state begins to deteriorate, he grows more and more jaded and only hopes to find a way out of his predicament.

Written by Eric McClellan and illustrated by Andrew Henry, click the link below to pre-order Gravity of Shadows #1 on ComiXology now!

The New Digital World Order – PRE-ORDER NOW!

A pandemic is a biological war with an invisible enemy. COVID-19 is World War 3, where a biological holocaust is occurring on our social media feeds in real time.

After every world war there is a period of post-war reconstruction. The New Digital World Order, presents a post- pandemic reconstruction guide on how the world can build back better ; politically, socially, economically, culturally and environmentally.
COVID-19 has been the best Chief Digital Officer the world has ever scene, it has accelerated the digitization of all aspects of humanity.
Providing ideas on post-pandemic reconstruction The New Digital World order provides future foresight and disruptive ideas on how governments and businesses can build back better in the new normal.

About the Author – Khurram Hamid has been a global thought leader on digital transformation and future foresight for 20 years. He has been responsible for leading digital transformation for global industry powerhouses including Gillette, Procter and Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. He was also a subject matter expert on Digital Marketing to the University of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA program, a mentor to emerging markets startups as part of the United Nations Development Program and a founding member of the UAE government’s corporate innovation accelerator Area 2071. He currently serves as a senior digital strategy and innovation advisor to a G20 government regulator providing expertise and future thinking on policy, regulation and innovation in developing a digital economy.

The New Digital World Order is available to pre-order from the links below now!

Dimensioneer: Origins! – COMING SOON!

In a vast demon realm of virtually unlimited dimensions, the mighty Zaltavar has ruled for endless eternities! The only dimension yet to fall under the sway of this hell spawn is the one we live in on Earth. It has long been his desire, and the desire of his master, CH’THULU, to shred the “Unbreakable Barrier” and take over the multi-dimensional gateway that is Earth!

The only thing in the way of his ultimate conquest is The Dimensioneer!

The first of a stunning series of Graphic Novels chronicling the life and adventures of The Dimensioneer!

Written and illustrated by Dan Reed, Dimensioneer: Origins will be released on August 16th and is available to pre-order now from the links below!

The Intergalactic Adventures Of Zakk Ridley Vol 2: Sins Of The Past #1 – COMING SOON!

30 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-914926-08-2

Writer: Ian Sharman
Artist: Ewan McLaughlin

Zakk Ridley’s back and this time it feels like the whole universe is after him…and not just for his rugged good looks. But that’s what happens when you paralyze the galactic president and then do a runner! Can Zak and his trusty friends, Dan and Kyouri escape the cold, hard hand of justice…while also dealing with a spate of kidnappings?! Can a vast cast of space pirates and space ninjas stop them?! Probably not, but you’ll have to read the book to find out…

This prestige format single issue includes a bonus six page story set before The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley Vol 1, which is exclusive to the print edition, appearing in full colour for the first time!

Written by Ian Sharman and featuring fully painted artwork by Ewan McLaughlin, the long awaited first part of Zakk Ridley’s return will be released on August 30th and is available to pre-order now from the links below!

The Evil Deer – COMING SOON!

Coming soon from Markosia…

The Evil Deer

In a faraway bar hidden in the shadows of the Black Mountains a young barmaid seeks meaning in her humdrum life.

But the visitors to the inn may change her destiny for good…or bad.

Written and illustrated by Emanuela Milleri, The Evil Deer will be out on August 30th and is available to pre-order now from the links below!

SAWE #1 coming soon to ComiXology!

Out on January 20th from Markosia on ComiXology!


Guaçú is a young Guarani warrior from an indigenous tribe, in eastern amazon. He is cursed and doomed to die after combat with a monster possessed by a Yurupari that endangers the safety of his people. At some point, a messenger from the Marajoara tribe arrives with a request for help. It is the foreshadowing that dark times are to come, and the destinies of the tribes are as intertwined as twisted roots.

Written by Tom Gomes and illustrated by Ronilson Freire, click the links below to pre-order SAWE #1 on ComiXology now!

Two Stories – COMING SOON!

Two Stories is a memoir about faith and mental illness by Xeric Award winning cartoonist Joshua Kemble.

Josh thought he was living the artists’s dream. The young, ambitious comic book creator had a hip Portland apartment, an affectinate fiancee, and his whole life ahead of him.

Until the night he finds himself on Burnside Bridge, willing himself to jump.

How did he get here? Two Stories is a confessional graphic memoir that grapples with questions of faith, mental illness, depravity, and, ultimately, redemption in a fallen world.

Coming soon from Markosia, pre-order now from the links below!

Raggedy Man Tales – PRE-ORDER NOW!

covers_new.inddIn the twilight world between childhood and becoming an adult lives the Raggedy Man, an often kindly spirit that appears to those that need him the most at times of peril or life changing decisions.

From the frozen lands in the north of Scandinavia to the heat of the tropics there are reports of a tall stranger aiding those children and special adults that need him.

This is the Raggedy Man and he may just come to you.

Written by GM Jordan with illustrations by Cornelia Abfalter, Amrit Birdi, Al Davison, Mariela Malova, Matt Soffe & Simon Wyatt, Raggedy Man Tales is available to pre-order from the links below now!

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The Room Next Door – PRE-ORDER NOW!

covers_new.inddWritten between 2006 and 2018, this collection features short stories (and other weird writing) that find the strange in the mundane, or make the normal seem peculiar.

A dusty night across a sleeping city. A hole in a wall. Rooms next door and days at the office gone long. Encounter artificial intelligences on the run and cold zombie landscapes. Meet strangers that look somehow familiar, or people you knew but long ago lost.

See small acts of defiance.

Feel existential terror.

And look deep into the magic eight-ball of your soul.

Written by Nicolas Papaconstantinou. The Room Next Door is available to pre-order from the links below now!

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Alpha Gods: Omnibus – PRE-ORDER NOW!

covers_new.inddIn the year 2086 humanity faces a new threat, Extra Humans. The government is struggling to cope with the growing number of mutants, aliens and supernatural beings who are living amongst us. People are beginning to panic and so, in 2050, the Department for Extra Human Affairs was established with a remit to try and contain the problem. By 2086 the situation has escalated, so they have formed a new rapid response strike force, the Alpha Gods. Who better to police the Extra Human community than Extra Humans themselves?

This group of young misfits and rebels must learn to work together despite facing conflict from within and from without. How can they follow a leader they have no faith in? How can they fight people they used to count as allies?

Their first mission sees them taking on an ancient evil, Malak. He is a Nephilim, an ancient race that was spawned when fallen angels mated with human women. He’s seeking a way to bring his “fathers” through to our world, and only the Alpha Gods stand in his way.

Written by Ian Sharman (Hero: 9 to 5, Hypergirl, The Lady & The Lost World) with art by Ezequiel Pineda and JJ Alonso and coloured by Mauro Barbosa, Yel Zamor, Leigh Wortley and Patrik Mock, this special Omnibus edition collects Alpha Gods: Emergence, Alpha Gods: Betrayal and Alpha Gods: Revelation, the complete first Alpha Gods story arc. Also included are seventy five pages of extras featuring rare and never before seen production artwork produced during the development of the series.

Alpha Gods: Omnibus is available to pre-order NOW from the links below!

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