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Hunter Hunted

A soldier haunted by his past must survive his present to tackle a future threat.

Janson is not a hero; he is simply a man doing a job that needs to be done.

In the near future the U.N. have a new police force, known affectionately as Hunters, their role is to cross borders bringing to justice criminals once thought to be untouchable.

But what happens when the Hunter becomes the prey?

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PRE-ORDER NOW – Harker: The Graphic Novel Sequel to ‘Dracula’ Hardcover

covers_new.inddAlthough his body is destroyed, Dracula’s dark spirit survives, and only his last remaining “Bride of Dracula,” the Countess Dracule can avenge and save him – as she arrives in London to take brutal vengeance against the Hunters and their families.

With un-living allies including the late Renfield beside her, the Countess is ready for war. But her opposition is fragmented, with Seward in love again, yet addicted to morphine; Arthur distracted by visions of his dead love Lucy Westenra on a London street; Van Helsing haunted bu memories of his son; Mina finding herself aline with Dracula in her dreams – and Jonathan visitied by the ghost of Quincey Morris, warning him of dangers yet to come.

As the devious plans of the Vampire Countess and her allies come to pass, Harker and his friends must find strength to fight back from the brink of despair, taking on a quest that forces them through a variety of familiar locations including Purfleet, Piccadilly, Whitby, Munich, and ending with fire and blood on the Borgo Pass, the very place that Bram Stoker’s novel began.

Updated and re-released to celebrate the anniversary of the debut of Dracula in 1897, Harker is written by British writer Tony Laa (Doctor Who, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Spider-Man) and drawn/coloured by the acclaimed South African art team of Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas (Starship Troopers), this original graphic novel is a faithful and ‘in canon’ return for the original characters, set six months on from the Count’s grizzly death, and six months before the birth of Jonathan and Mina’s son, Quincey.

And for Vampire afficionados it has three introductions – one from noted Sherlock Holmes and Vampire scholar Leslie S. Klinger, author of The New Annotated Dracula, and two more from Ian Holt and Bram Stoker’s Great-Grand Nephew Dacré Stoker, authors of the official Dracula sequel, Dracula: The Un-Dead, as well as never seen before articles on both the Vampire and Bram Stoker by award winning and acclaimed Dracula historians Elizabeth Miller and Alexander Galant.

Dracula created and written by Bram Stoker.

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Pendragon: The Quest for King Arthur – OUT NOW!

covers_new.inddFailed singer Art Bright is an unremarkable young man, except for one thing – he might just be the reincarnation of King Arthur. His stalker Derek Border certainly seems to think so. But then Derek has taken to calling himself ‘Merlin’ and has even assembled a new Knights of the Round Table and tracked down a former porn star, who he reckons is Lady Guinevere.

But if Derek is mad, why have he and Art attracted the attention of the real Morgana Le Fay and her new best friend, a dragon named Crueltooth? And, while all this is going on, what is Mordred up to, and why does the Lady In The Lake seem to harbour a grudge against Art? And… look, just buy the book and find out, okay?

Pendragon: The Quest For King Arthur, an outrageous comic adventure from Eagle Award-winning writer Andy Winter, artist Jim Lavery, colourist Aljosa Tomic, and letterer Robin Jones, is available to order now from Amazon and as a digital download from Comixology!



The Boy Who Made Silence Hardback – OUT NOW!


Deaf  child  Nestor  Gudfred  inexplicably  creates  utter  silence around  him, which  compels  the  people  near  him  into  each other’s pasts and memories.

As his religious rural community looks  to  him  as  a  prophet,  the  story  follows  Nestor  and  a diverse cast of richly imagined characters as he comes of age, falls in love, and begins a search for his father.

Winner of the coveted Xeric Grant and written and drawn by Joshua Hagler, The Boy Who Made Silence is available now in hardback for the first time!

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White Crane: The Legacy of Fang Chi on DriveThruComics!

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White Crane: The Legacy of Fang Chi

Inspired by a true story, in 18-century China a young girl lusts for revenge. Imploring the spirit of the White Crane to guide her boxing, Fang Chi’s quest to destroy the dark sorcerers of the Serpent Cult takes her into a world far stranger and more dangerous than she could possibly have imagined.

This begins a journey of violence, mysticism and transformation that leads her to become one of the greatest martial artists of her, or any, generation – leaving a legacy that could save the world… or destroy it.

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Redemption Heights on DriveThruComics!

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Redemption Heights

Welcome to Redemption Heights, the home and base of operations for the beings charged with collecting the souls of humanity.

One such collector is Dana, a dark angel of death. When a collector called David is sent to spy on the residents of Redemption Heights, He is brutally murdered and all signs point to Dana.

She must prove her innocents and expose a conspiracy that will rock the foundations of Redemption Heights and bring two millennia of the collectors to an end.

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Lord on DriveThruComics!

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A school girl is sent to a strict summer school on a remote island. Once there, she begins to realise that things are not what they seem. She uncovers a dark secret within the closed community and fears for her safety.

Forced to participate in strange rituals, she manages to escape and find her way to freedom.

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The Hitmen on DriveThruComics!

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The Hitmen

Having someone you can count on is important, which is why Donny and Tyler are lucky, they’ve been best friends forever!

They know each other better than they know themselves – sure, they can get on each other’s nerves but so do all good friends.

Life is pretty simple as the duo goes about their daily life in the ever-bustling city of London, looking for love, happiness and prosperity.

Also they’re Hitmen.

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Dark Mists: Kurotobi Skies on DriveThruComics!

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Dark Mists: Kurotobi Skies

Leading Geisha and unofficial Yakuza assassin, Kimi, is missing, in the wake of her lover’s murder, leaving corrupt Government official Osamu primed to infiltrate the Government with his Yakuza army and worryingly for Kimis sisters: control Gion.

Meanwhile in a small village, a girl is found floating in the river.

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Tokae: Dark Omens on DriveThruComics!

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Tokae: Dark Omens

Young Native American boy Tokae is in a big hurry to be a man. But when he accompanies his father Fast Deer on a hunting trip, the 13-year-old Lakota Sioux’s life changes forever.

Soon, he will be pitted against a savage pack of wolves and an even greater danger – a rival tribe who have kidnapped his sister and plan to wage war upon the Sioux. Tokae quickly realises that to become a great warrior and just man, he must first learn patience, honour and respect for the nature around him.

Can the Great Spirit guide this brave but reckless boy into manhood?

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