Markosia are now accepting comics submissions for works that have been previously unpublished in the UK.

We are particularly interested in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, All-Ages and Historical stories. If you feel your comic doesn’t fit into this don’t worry, we will still look at all submissions.

Preference will be given to projects that have all creative team members in place. It can be very time consuming finding artists, colourists and letterers for individual scripts.

Markosia works on a profit share basis. We take a share of the profits, then you are responsible for deciding how any remaining profits are split between your teams (unless it’s just you doing the entire thing, then you keep It all!).

If we are interested in your project you will firstly be required to sign an NDA while negotiations take place. This way we can deal with any enquiries or questions before you commit to a contract with us. Afterwards, when the book is confirmed, you will be required to sign a contract with Markosia, so make sure you read the contract in full!

Please only send one submission per team at a time. We want to focus on one proposal at a time and would rather see one solid pitch than a dozen barely thought out ones. You can submit another proposal if you are unsuccessful in 6 weeks from your previous submission date.

In terms of what we ask you for, when we say we want scripts in comic book format we mean they need to be presented in a certain way. The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics and Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics are two books on formatting and deconstructing the writing process we’d highly recommend.

When we say we want to see sequential artwork this refers to a full page of comics panels. Examples are below.

Our page template guidelines are below.

Markosia Page Template 2017

Project Submissions

Our printed books need to be at least 40 pages, we will print short form comics digitally, but our focus is on collected editions and long form comics or graphic novels.

Firstly we need your contact details. We need full names, telephone numbers, e-mails and addresses for each creator on your book. Indicate who the main contact for the book is.

We will then need a synopsis of the project, no longer than a page of A4. Keep it as short and to the point as you can, we just want a clear idea of what your story is about and how it progresses, we don’t need background detail on every character and we’ll get the more detailed nuances of the story from the script. Don’t forget to include the title of your book!

You should include the full script for the book, set out in readable comic book format. Include any concept art or sequential pages you have. If you have a complete book then that’s brilliant! But don’t worry if all you have are concept sketches, we will still get an idea of how the book will come together.

This should be sent to Harry Markos by email at We are not accepting hard copies of submissions as we can’t post them back.

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions that use AI generated art to illustrate their story will be automatically rejected for both ethical and legal reasons.

Individual Submissions

Markosia are still looking at individual submissions from writers, artists, colourists and letterers for designated projects.

Details on what you need to send us are below.


We want to see a fully realised script from you. At least a 22 page script. This must be completed in a readable comic format.

You can send us more than one script to showcase your writing skills.

Please note – at this time we have no writer-only gigs available so it would be beneficial to you to team up with an artist should you still wish to submit to us. We apologise for this but we have seen an increase in submissions in recent months and it is only fair that you are aware.

Artists (Pencillers/Inkers)

Specify whether you want to be considered as a penciller or inker (or both!). We need to see at least 5 sequential art pages from you. Preferably from a couple of different stories. Make sure they contain some background work and a variety of characters so we can see what you’re capable of.

Feel free to send over books you have already been published in.


We’d like to see 5 pages of sequentials work or any concept sketches you’ve worked on. Try to show us a variety of work so we can see as much of your skill base as possible.


Send us through some examples of your lettering over sequential artwork.

We are only accepting submissions by e-mail. Send your work over to Harry Markos at