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Untitled-1The Cosplay Journal is a coffee table journal, focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay. We want to show that not only can anyone from any walk of life be involved in cosplay, but also that we are all capable of learning new skills, creating amazing things and bringing joy into our own and other people’s lives through the art form of costume making.

The first volume features “Craft Focus” articles on Sewing, Armour Build and Make Up, as well as interviews with cosplayers who have taken their path with their hobby, some becoming professionals, some simply being the perfectionist amateur. We ask “Are Cosplay Guests Worth It?” in our opinion piece and give you a look into the everyday life of the cosplayer, getting inside their work and head space to show you the hard work that goes into these wonderful creations. All of this is accompanied by images of cosplayers from around the UK, showcasing the amazing skill and artistry that lives in this community.

Editor & Head Writer: Holly Rose Swinyard
Head Photographer: Megan Amis
Editor In Chief: Ian Sharman

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Released on the 11th of June, The Cosplay Journal Vol 1 is available to pre-order from the links below now.

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Running From The Devil – Pre-order NOW!

covers_new.inddWhat’s the difference between being possessed by Satan and hallucinating that you’re possessed by Satan? To an 11-year old boy who’s heard all about The Exorcist, nothing at all. Go to Hell and back with Steve Kissing in this autobiographical graphic novel that proves that real life is wilder than fiction.

Written by Steve Kissing with a script by Charles Santino and illustrated by Jim Jiminez with colours by Santosh Kumar Rath and Marlon Llagan and letters by Zach Matheny and Kathryn Renta, Running From The Devil is available to pre-order on Amazon and Comixology from the links below now!







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covers_new.inddOn the run from their former masters in the Department of Extra-Human Affairs, the Alpha Gods are forced to face the consequences of their actions as a series of revelations threatens to tear the team apart.

Caught up in a scheme by the Nephilim to use a mysterious child, known only as the Merovingian Prince, to fulfil an ancient prophecy and finally free their fathers, the Grigori, from their extra-dimensional prison, can the Alpha Gods find the strength in the face of mounting tragedy to finally defeat them?

Written by Ian Sharman (Hero: 9 to 5, Hypergirl, The Intergalactic Adventures Of Zak Ridley) and illustrated by JJ Alonso, with colours by Patrik Mock, Alpha Gods: Revelation is the stunning finale to the story begun in Alpha Gods: Emergence and continued in Alpha Gods: Betrayal and will sow the seeds of future Alpha Gods adventures!

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PRE-ORDER NOW – Stuff That Happened

covers_new.inddThis book is a collection of comic strips created between 2013 and 2014 by artist Vicky Stonebridge, who lives and works in the Scottish Highlands. At the time this series of unrelated anecdotes were originally created as occasional blog posts. They were designed to be drawing exercises, to entertain friends and later they became therapeutic, capturing funny or poignant “Stuff that Happened” as she went about her business as a fire-fighter, art tutor and community worker.

Vicky was travelling between her home in the wild, rural, West coast to Inverness for work and then to the sandy beaches of the East coast to spend time with the new man in her life, Andrew. Her constant companion was her dog Bruno. Both dog and mother of three were coming to terms with an empty nest and dealing with a range of anxieties and PTSD. For Bruno the answer was simple, to never leave Vicky’s side. Vicky had to worry about how to carve out a new life and new identity without other people to look after. But she didn’t have time to really come to terms with these changes, before a much bigger, more dramatic change forced itself into the narrative. She became seriously ill. This story covers the period of time when she became symptomatic with her illness, and was in and out of hospital for tests and emergency treatment.

Would she be able to work again? How would she survive financially? How ill was she? Would she be able to go back to fire fighting? It seems a person’s body can only undergo so much physical work and stress before something has to change, and this period in Vicky’s life was where change was forced upon her. It has taken her three years since this time to be able to finish the original pencilled roughs. When we are living in the moment, it is difficult to see the thread which binds events as they happen – we are too close to it. But with hindsight, this book is an honest and personal tale of a life changing illness, stress, worry and more importantly, the little moments in life that make it worth living no matter what stuff happens.

Stuff That Happened is available to pre-order from Amazon now via the links below!


PRE-ORDER NOW – The Return of the Son of Eleventh Hour

covers_new.inddCelebrating 10 Years Of Orang Utan Comics!

It’s Orang Utan Comics’ tenth anniversary and they’re having a party…and we’re all invited!

However, so are space pirates, dragons, Vikings, extra-humans, vampires, axe murdering cheerleaders, werewolves, Boadicca, more vampires, a super hero, outlaws, a gelatinous cube, a doom laden message from the future and a whole cast of weird and wonderful characters.

It’s going to be quite a party.

The Return Of The Son Of Eleventh Hour features eighteen stories from the past, present and, quite possibly, the future of Orang Utan Comics. It all kicks off with a brand new prologue to The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley and ends with a rarely seen Hero: 9 to 5 short. It’s been ten years and OUC are still making comics for a strange new world.

Available to pre-order now on Amazon worldwide, The Return Of The Son Of Eleventh Hour is the anthology that quite literally has something for everyone!


PRE-ORDER NOW – Parassassin

covers_new.inddThree futures hang in the balance.
Two end in total annihilation.
One assassin’s bullet will decide.

On the planet Sedulon, a rogue band of renegade time travellers and scientific misfits fight to save the futures of two worlds.
Doc Hydrabus – a brilliant scientist whose body splits into a crowd of his past and selves, he lives in one present and many futures all at the same time
Cassindra – 900 years old, impossible to kill and every bit as deadly as she is beautiful. She’s travelled back in time to change the world.
Rushaar and Shartara – alien beings made entirely of gas with one simple plan, to use time travel to assassinate the leader of Sedulon and save their planet Eidolonia.
The Parassassin – he will take the shot that decides the destinies of everyone in the galaxy.

Politics and parody collide on the bleeding edge of science fiction, in the most shocking and unexpected thriller you’re going to read this year.

Parassassin is available to pre-order on Amazon now:


PRE-ORDER NOW – Harker: The Graphic Novel Sequel to ‘Dracula’ Hardcover

covers_new.inddAlthough his body is destroyed, Dracula’s dark spirit survives, and only his last remaining “Bride of Dracula,” the Countess Dracule can avenge and save him – as she arrives in London to take brutal vengeance against the Hunters and their families.

With un-living allies including the late Renfield beside her, the Countess is ready for war. But her opposition is fragmented, with Seward in love again, yet addicted to morphine; Arthur distracted by visions of his dead love Lucy Westenra on a London street; Van Helsing haunted bu memories of his son; Mina finding herself aline with Dracula in her dreams – and Jonathan visitied by the ghost of Quincey Morris, warning him of dangers yet to come.

As the devious plans of the Vampire Countess and her allies come to pass, Harker and his friends must find strength to fight back from the brink of despair, taking on a quest that forces them through a variety of familiar locations including Purfleet, Piccadilly, Whitby, Munich, and ending with fire and blood on the Borgo Pass, the very place that Bram Stoker’s novel began.

Updated and re-released to celebrate the anniversary of the debut of Dracula in 1897, Harker is written by British writer Tony Lee (Doctor Who, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Spider-Man) and drawn/coloured by the acclaimed South African art team of Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas (Starship Troopers), this original graphic novel is a faithful and ‘in canon’ return for the original characters, set six months on from the Count’s grizzly death, and six months before the birth of Jonathan and Mina’s son, Quincey.

And for Vampire afficionados it has three introductions – one from noted Sherlock Holmes and Vampire scholar Leslie S. Klinger, author of The New Annotated Dracula, and two more from Ian Holt and Bram Stoker’s Great-Grand Nephew Dacré Stoker, authors of the official Dracula sequel, Dracula: The Un-Dead, as well as never seen before articles on both the Vampire and Bram Stoker by award winning and acclaimed Dracula historians Elizabeth Miller and Alexander Galant.

Dracula created and written by Bram Stoker.

You can pre-order the new hardcover edition of Harker on Amazon now:


And a paperback edition is also now available to pre-order:


PRE-ORDER NOW – Impossible

covers_new.inddBetrayed by the mercenary crew of his orbital clean-up vessel and blown out into spcae with nothing but a suit and his wits, McGillis must perform the impossible if he’s ever to see his family again…

Will McGillis is in deep s***.

Written and created b y Chris Sides, with art and lettering by Jake Rowlinson and colours by Daniel Franco, Impossible is available to pre-order in print from Amazon now, and also to download to your Kindle.

A digital edition is also out now on Comixology.




PRE-ORDER NOW – Geek-Girl: Lightning Strikes!

covers_new.inddWhen “Little Miss Popular” Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she’s granted flight, super-strength, and – due to a flaw in the glasses’ programming – super-klutziness! And this is just the beginning of the changes the glasses will wreak on Ruby…

Trying to be a super-hero, Ruby stumbles across a mysterious and extremely dangerous new villain taking down her town’s Numero Uno heroine – and is forced to step up and use her powers for more than just accidentally knocking drinks over her friends… Geek-Girl is entering the Super-Hero Big leagues – ready or not!

Collecting Geek-Girl #1-#4, written by Sam Johnson (The Almighties, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman), and illustrated by Carlos Granda (Grimm Fairy Tales, Charmed), Geek-Girl: Lightning Strikes is now available to pre-order in print from Amazon or to download to your Kindle. A digital version is also out now on Comixology.



PRE-ORDER NOW: Hunter, Hunted

covers_new.inddHunter, Hunter by GM Jordan with art by Mick Trimble is now available to pre-order on Amazon!

A soldier haunted by his past must survive his present to tackle a future threat.

Janson is not a hero; he is simply a man doing a job that needs to be done.

In the near future the U.N. have a new police force, known affectionately as Hunters, their role is to cross borders bringing to justice criminals once thought to be untouchable.

But what happens when the Hunter becomes the prey?

Written by GM Jordan with art by Mick Trimble, letters by Ian Sharman and edited by Richmond Clements, Hunter, Hunted is available to pre-order now!