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Beyond Lovecraft

There is no greater cosmic terror than that which lies … Beyond Lovecraft

Beyond Lovecraft is an anthology featuring three tales of cosmic horror that explore the secret history of the Cthulhu mythos, and the terrible truths to be found when we stray outside the bounds of everyday reality.

The Elder Gods have risen and reclaimed the Earth. In the apocalypse that follows a tiny band of human survivors find a way to access the fabled library of the Yith, an alien archive containing the history of the entire universe. As they search for a way to vanquish their conquerors they uncover untold tales and make a revelation so disturbing it challenges their whole existence:


Anti-capitalist campaigners stage a protest in the Antarctic city of the Elder Things to challenge the dark powers that lie behind big money. However, they soon find themselves facing an evil more insurmountable than anything on Wall St.


Growing up gay in the poverty ridden town of Innsmouth leaves 16 year old Zeke desperate to escape. When he meets Jay on-line he doesn’t realise the older man is grooming him, but the sinister currents of Innsmouth’s murky past are about to catch them both in its inescapable undertow.

This volume also features the Dr Seuss/H P Lovecraft mash-up Morton Meets a Mi-Go.

Written by Jasper Bark and illustrated by Rob Moran, click HERE to download Beyond Lovecraft on DriveThruComics now!

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