Throughout 2021 we’ll be turning the spotlight on some of the top selling graphic novels from our extensive back catalogue, according to our good friends at DriveThruComics.

This week it’s the turn of Voivod: The True Story of Vlad the Impaler.

Voivod Vlad Tepes true story has never been told as it really was: the entertainment industry, movies and comics have always depicted the monstrous character of the Prince of Wallachia in an unreal fashion; Tepes wasn’t unreal for sure… Not at all…

This is the story about this wicked figure and the characters who suffered the consequences of his deeds.

When Mehmed the Conqueror’s emissary reaches Targoviste, the city where Vlad reigned and capital of the empire, the emissary asks the Voivod permission to cross Wallachia with Turkish armies, in order to reach and invade Transylvania; moreover, he asks Vlad to pay the yearly tribute as agreed.

The Voivod is compelled to deny permission for the troops to cross the land since he is in a good relationship with Transylvania. He promises he will send his son to Mehmed as a slave, a son he has never seen, to maintain peace…

Written by Massimo Rosi with art by Marco de Luca, click the links below to order or download Voivod: The True Story of Vlad the Impaler now!

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