covers_new.inddThe world contains many shadows, and some are far darker and deeper than others, hiding things which most people cannot imagine. But there are those aware of the truth: that strange creatures and forces have always existed both in this world and in the unseen worlds around us.

For years, when the more malevolent of these forces have emerged to prey upon the innocent, Nicodemus Flynn has stood in their way, having dedicated his life to this purpose.

Now, when an arrogant occultist resurrects the savage and powerful beast named the Pariah, Nick sets out to return it to the grave before it can unleash the slaughter at which it excels, while in the process uncovering the truth behind the mysterious, overriding drive with which the Pariah has been reborn.

The Pariah was originally killed centuries ago by a man who sacrifi ced his own life to do so. And as Nick hunts one of the most relentless creatures he has ever faced, the question arises: must history repeat itself in order for the Pariah to be defeated?

The Pariah will not falter.

It will not stop.

But neither will Nicodemus Flynn.

Written by Alex De-Gruchy and illustrated by Robin Simon Ng, Nicodemus Flynn is available to order on Amazon and download from Comixology from the links below now!



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