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Hollow Girl Vol 11: The Sixty-Sixth Precinct

“You’re not the only one who can play with death.”

When a reporter gets in over her head investigating possible police corruption, the Hollow Girls step in to protect her. But they soon discover that the reason for Grace’s suspicion – the sixty-sixth precinct’s inordinately high mor-tality rate – is misleading, largely because the dead cops in question aren’t staying dead.

Little Sister’s new talent might come in handy, if they can avoid the decomposing arm of the law long enough for her to master it.

From Luke Cooper, creator of AloneNotLonely, Figments and A Glimpse of Hell, and artist on the award winning GoodCopBadCop, Wolf Country and Burlap: Death Waits for No One, Hollow Girl: The Sixty-Sixth Precinct is the eleventh book in the series featuring the masked vigilante-medium and may well be the most insane so far.

Seldom does a story come along that is disturbing shocking and yet beautiful all at the same time. BAM! SMACK! POW!

Written and illustrated by Luke Cooper, click HERE to download Hollow Girl Vol 11: The Sixty-Sixth Precinct on DriveThruComics now!

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