Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Hero 9 to 5: Omnibus

Welcome to a world where being a superhero is just another job.

A world where the rich can afford comprehensive hero protection policies that ensure that the best heroes will come to their aid in an emergency. The poor, however, have to make-do with protection from government sponsored agencies with limited resources whose staff are…shall we say…a little less heroic.

We’ve tracked the lives of the heroes that make up one of these government sponsored agencies, Heroes 4 Zeroes, through three books…so far. We’ve seen them through relationship troubles, trips to the supermarket, battles against an unfeeling killer, convention appearances, appearances on reality TV, a takeover of parliament and more! And now all of those adventures are available in one enormous book! Just look at how thick it is…feel that weight…impressive, eh?

“The most astonishing thing about the series, in fact, is its ability to take massive shifts in tone very much in its stride – to modulate from farce to tragedy and make both of those extremes fit and feel right in the narrative frame.”
Mike Carey

Collects Hero: 9 to 5, Hero: 9 to 5 – Quietus and Hero: 9 to 5 – Disposable Heroes, along with bonus story Night On The Streets and a whole load of behind the scenes sketches and extras!

Written by Ian Sharman and illustrated by David Gray, click HERE to download Hero 9 to 5: Omnibus on DriveThruComics now!

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