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The First: Volume One

When the enemies are all around, and the earth is on fire, people do not need priests praying for them, but they need a leader – the one to be ahead of them during the battle, the one who is able to bring them to victory. And this leader has come to save them – the Super-hero of the Bible, a great warrior and a handsome man, Saul son of Kish, the First King of Israel.

However, the priesthood disliked his temper, independence and charismatic personality, and the one who hated the First King most of all was Samuel the prophet. He wanted power and craved being number one for the people, the master of hearts and minds. He began an irreconcilable struggle against the chosen one. Who will win this battle? Which role will David play in this confrontation – the future King of Israel and the beloved of King Saul??

Volume One
A young shepherd with an extraordinary gift for singing and music-playing leads a peaceful, undisturbed in Bethlehem’s mountain region. Little does he realize his whole life is about to change following a chance encounter with Samuel the Prophet who is “predicting” he is to have a most intriguing future ahead…
Plagued with doubt yet high on ambition, he arrives at Saul Hill, capital of the unified nation however, his plans take an unexpected twist when he finds himself falling in love with the least likely individual.

The two begin a passionate love affair whilst in the background, the country is on the cusp of a brutal military conflict with the Philistines.

Written and illustrated by Maria Givner, click HERE to download The First: Volume One on DriveThruComics now!

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