covers_new.inddOut now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!


Seventeen-year-old Ray has suffered virtually every form of abuse as a ward of the foster care system.

So, when he’s kidnapped by a charismatic, violent stranger, instead of begging for his life, Ray begs for his captor, Shepard, to kill him and put him out of his misery.

Impressed, Shepard sees something of himself in this broken boy and decides to teach Ray how to stand up for himself and to never be a victim ever again.

But as Ray’s school tormentors begin to disappear, he realises that Shepard has trapped him in a world of violence and vengeance from which there may be no escape.

Written by Philip Landa and illustrated by Ryan Gutierrez, click HERE to download Shepard on DriveThruComics now!

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