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Danny and Harry – Private Detectives #4

“A Rat in the House” – Chapter 4 in the continuing saga of “The Case of the Missing Trunk.”

Pearl and Alfred are scheming. Benny the Snitch is listening. Rat is making excuses for not killing Danny and Harry. Cain lets Rat off easy—with a mild concussion—and sends him off to put the squeeze on Pearl. But she’s almost as tough as Cain, so Rat’s got an uphill battle. Max the Bookie has the trunk. Jake the Snake says he can get a key that will open the trunk. Danny and Harry pay a friendly visit to Alfred. Alfred’s hired them to find the trunk, but what’s he really up to? “Trunk” is picking up steam here, as we wrap up the middle third of our story and get ready to head into Act III, where it all comes crashing together.

Written and illustrated by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino, click HERE to download Danny and Harry – Private Detectives #4 on DriveThruComics now!

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