Danny and Harry #3Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Danny and Harry – Private Detectives #3

The Case of the Missing Trunk Part 3 of 6

“Blood Under a Helmet.” That’s the title of the latest chapter in “The Case of the Missing Trunk.” No spoilers, though! You’ll have to find out for yourself what that enigmatic title means! We can guarantee that it will involve blood—and a helmet. That our promise to you, gentle reader! In the meantime, try on these teasers for size: Pearl, everyone’s favourite bad girl, takes Alfred into her confidence, which might be a HUGE mistake! For both of them! Alfred desperately wants that trunk back, don’t you know? And maybe—just maybe—Pearl can help him retrieve it. But at what price? Whoa! Looks like Max the Bookie’s got the trunk! How on Earth did he get it? And why can’t he get it open? Only one way to find out! Plunk down a measly $1.99, that’s how! What else do you get for your hard-earned dough? How about one of the greatest bump-and-run car chases in comics’ history? Not enough? How about Jake the Snake? What’s he know about the trunk? Plenty! Oh, yeah—Danny and Harry are in there, too. So’s Benny the Snitch. He’s got some choice information for Danny and Harry—just enough to get them killed! All that, in 23 pages? For $1.99? How do we do it? We have absolutely no idea—but we’re gonna keep on doin’ it, kids!

Written and illustrated by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino, click HERE to download Danny and Harry – Private Detectives #3 on DriveThruComics now!

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