Daring to face the endless dangers in the dimension known as Hell, Dimensioneer then has to face the inner demon that has been lurking inside him since gaining the very powers that made him. The Dimensioneer must also battle hordes of flying demons as he teams up with the hero known as Super Clone!

After finally rescuing his wife, Caryl Ditko, from the endless hosts of the Hell Dimension… the Dimensioneer finds cosmic links between his new found ally, Super Clone, and his arch nemesis… Zaltavar!

This leads our heroes on a quest to unlock secrets that may very well be Earth’s only hope against the vile forces that are intent on the total subjugation of all who dwell on the planet Earth… and enslaving their very souls!

This epic collection is a must read!!!

Written and illustrated by Dan Reed, Dimensioneer: “If This Be Hell!” is out now and available to order from the link below!


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