The Immortal Lazarus is on a quest to find an ancient artefact that will grant him the one thing he seeks most in life, death. After finding the artefact in Northern Ireland he is ambushed and along with his immortal cohorts, a group of vampires, he is trapped for centuries underground. He emerges in a totalitarian future, one where vampires now rule. Hunted by monsters old and new, Lazarus sets out to uncover the mysteries of this new world and find the redemption that he so desperately seeks.

Joe Campbell is a Derry based artist whose work has featured in Missing Have You Seen the Invisible Man? from Accent UK. He has also featured in several anthologies including Wire and Gas for Abandoned Comics.

Mike Lynch is a Clare based writer, he is an ICN award winning writer and his work has featured in many anthologies including FutureQuake, Bomb Scares and the Irish language anthology Ri-Ra. He is also the writer behind Salvage published by Markosia.

The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street is out now and available to order from the link below!


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