Out now from Markosia on ComiXology!

Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #7

Chapter 7 — The Ma’Pah have fallen back to the castle and Lord Stephens is climbing the wall! Facing certain death, Joshi orders Leah to retreat while he turns to fight the Alfainian Lord one on one. Scaling the dam using Nem’s gale bullets, Samil is reunited with Valorie. Marium makes an impossible choice to save Valenguard; King Valiant finally crosses swords with Alfen.

Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #8

Chapter 8 — The last airship is waiting in the aerodrome ready to take off, but Lord Stephens has the path blocked. Cornered like rats, there’s no way out except through her, but can they defeat an Alfainian Lord and her army of Lash?

Written by Ben Smith and illustrated by Felicia Mars, click the links above to download Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #7 & #8 on ComiXology now!

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