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Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #5

Chapter 5 — Fleeing to the dam, Nem blocks Valorie’s path. He’s hell bent on getting revenge against his brother forcing explosive confrontation. Gronk’s Gargantua closes in on the castle steps, with Joshi and Leah being the last line of defense against the ice breathing dinosaur.

Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #6

Chapter 6 — Valorie finally makes it to the castle, reuniting with her father for the last time. She has to tell him that she’s transgender, but can she find the nerve? Queen Marium is sure the city is doomed and reveals her terrible secret to Duke Hyram — exposing the truth about the war, and why neither side can ever yield.

Written by Ben Smith and illustrated by Felicia Mars, click the links above to download Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #s 5 & 6 on ComiXology now!

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