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Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #1

Chapter 1 – The prince of Valenguard is a little weird. Everybody thinks so, but what they don’t know is that she is actually transgender! It’s the day of the big war meeting, and Princess Valorie’s on the run! Fleeing the castle with her bodyguard in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin has come to town. Her target? The weird princess.

Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #2

Chapter 2 – Valenguard is in deep shit. With their soldiers out at war they’ve had to call for reinforcements from their neighbor, but the Ma’pah soldiers aren’t exactly thrilled to be here. All except their captain, Joshi. His ex-boyfriend is in town and the couple have some catching up to do. Valorie and Samil head to the sluiceway to train, but Queen Marium has them in her sights; she’s going to drag them all back kicking and screaming.

Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #3

Chapter 3 – The assassin strikes! A deadly warrior who employs martial arts, cunning, and guile she is more than a match for Valorie and Samil. Meanwhile, Nem and Joshi are locked away in Ratergank Dungeon for being gay: but Nem might just have a plan to get out.

Written by Ben Smith and illustrated by Felicia Mars, click the links above to download Vanquished: Weird Princ{ess} #1, #2 & #3 on ComiXology now!

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