Out now from Markosia on ComiXology!

Man of Sin #1

When Damien’s best friend Jude confronts him on why he missed another interview, Damien inadvertently breaks his cell phone which contained his dead son’s last words. On the brink of self-destruction, the mysterious Mr. Lived appears, and informs Damien that if stays alive for another twenty-four hours, he’ll help him find the man responsible for his son’s death, forcing Damien to fight for his life.

Man of Sin #2

Recovering in the hospital, Damien is greeted by the hospital chaplain, Reverend Keyshawn Benjamin. While praying for Damien, they are both attacked by forces they do not yet understand. Fearing that whoever is after him might be after his estranged wife, Damien rushes to get to her before those who are after him arrive.

Written by Andrew Guilde and illustrated by Camilo Ponce, click the links above to download Man of Sin #1 & #2 on ComiXology now!

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