We’ve teamed up with DriveThruComics to offer an exciting new option on their site: Markosia graphic novels in print!

For many years you’ve been able to download all of our great titles on DriveThruComics as PDFs, but from today they’re adding the option to buy print copies too!

Starting out with a small selection, which will continue to grow over the coming weeks and months, you can currently order print copies of the following books on DriveThruComics:

Alpha Gods: Emergence
Alpha Gods: Betrayal
Pendragon: The Quest For King Arthur
The Lady & The Lost World
White Crane: The Legacy Of Fang Chi
British Showcase Anthology 2
Clockwork Inc.
Geek Girl: Vol 1 – Lightning Strikes
Voivod: The True Story Of Vlad The Impaler

Not only will you get the same great graphic novel that’s available from other retailers when you buy our books from DriveThruComics, but you also have the option to download a PDF at no extra cost when you do so!

Check DriveThruComics regularly as new titles are added!

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