Here’s a look at our latest releases on ComiXology!

Frankenstein Zombie #3The Frankenstein Zombie #3

The Frankenstein Zombie issue #3: The Monster enters a Satan’s bargain with the people of Gernsheim. Thinking it will be a life-changing opportunity. But all changes are not for the better as both the Monster and the towns people learn “The Devil is in the Details.”

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Yuga #1Yuga #1

In the wake of the Great War, a truce was born between the Asuras and the Devas. They left their creation, humanity, behind on earth, protected by the Guardians, as they sought new homes. For hundreds of years, they maintained this peace. But it did not last. A young Asura, curious of earth’s legend traveled to the planet, disguised as a tiger. He came upon King Toman’s kingdom and was killed for posing a threat to its people. The Guardians were nowhere to be found. The Asura’s father, Prince Varrik, took revenge. He slaughtered the King and Queen and kidnapped their newborn son.

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Danny and Harry #2Danny and Harry Private Detectives #2

The Case of the Missing Trunk Part 2 of 6

Wilber, we hardly knew ye! (And we never even figured out what you were. A mutated bat maybe?) And now you’re lying in a pool of blood! (Or is it laying? Where’s our copy of The Chicago Manual of Style?) In any case, Wilber has seen better days—and if you want to read better comics, you know what to do! ADD TO CART. The buttons right there. Not there, over there! That’s it! Danny’s back and so is Harry, but that’s only to be expected in a comic named after them. Cain’s back (hence, the title of Part 2, “The Mark of Cain.”) Pearl gets on Cain’s bad side, and the results ain’t pretty, but it makes for gripping drama, don’t you know? We meet yet another creature whose species we can’t quite identify—Cain’s pet, Bruiser. Ugly little bugger! Alfred’s back, too; big as life and twice as dumb. Watch out, Alfred! You’ve got Benny the Snitch on your tail! How did we get all that into 22 pages? We didn’t—this one’s blown out to a whopping 24 pages of double-crosses, double chins, and double-barrelled thrills and chills!

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