covers_new.inddKagoshima, Japan 1877. Before leading his clan against the the Empire and certain death, Saigō Takamori, Japan’s last great Samurai, pulled aside a young soldier named Koji Iwanaga and gave him an impossible order: Koji was to flee the country, escape to America and keep the tenets of Bushido alive.

Koji obeyed, and, to this day, his descendants live under the code of the Samurai — sort of.

Meet the Iwanagas: Ben, Shiro, Zoe and Teron. Four siblings born and raised in Chicago, trained in sword fighting, and about one sit-down dinner away from killing each other. But when Tomoe Yamada, a Yakuza mob princess, arrives to collect their heads as trophies, the dysfunctional brood must put aside their differences to defeat Tomoe and her army of assassins.

Cue the gunplay and swordfights.

Written by Glenn Jeffers with art by Jethro Morales, colours by Andy Dodd and letters by Kel Nuttall, Children Of Saigo is OUT NOW!



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