Somewhere, within the dark, septic corridors of 1930s New York, a young girl has gone missing. Max Thanatos reluctantly takes the case for an old friend, but he is neither a detective nor with the police. He is an exiled member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a clandestine group of magi tasked with studying and protecting the arcane arts. As Max plunges into an insidious world of eldritch horrors and fabled societies, the already-impossible case spirals deeper into something far worse when his bloody history with the Order resurfaces, along with its cantankerous leader, Aleister Crowley.

Complications arise as other forces join the hunt for the missing girl: angels wishing to wipe the girl from Creation, an unspeakable evil beneath Chinatown, and a sadistic necromancer with his own dastardly designs for the child. Luckily, Max is not alone. Charlie Thanatos is with him, in spirit; quite literally. After he casts a spell to tether his dead brother’s soul to his own, to spare him from eternal damnation, his ghost joins the magician on every step of his journey to help save the girl, themselves, and everyone they had ever held most dear.

Written by Joshua Gamon, this thrilling new novel is out now and available from the link below!


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