EVE’s (ET) dynamic is the voluptuous turmoil between light and dark.
An exotic black rose, a reflection of creation.
Large rivers of color connect and reform in a tactile perpendicular angle to life.
Connecting Earth, Time, Space, Language and Culture As the ocean connects the Sky and Sand.
An expressive fascination with the immaterial made material.
The relationship of the intuitive and the actual flow and interconnect in her work.
It is at once bold and mysterious, figurative and metaphysical.
Exploding from the subconscious yet grounded in the real.
The qualities of light and texture, translucency and solidity are apparent in her works.
Light as seen through a painting, diaphanous, the ephemeral overlay of incident fragility.
Sculptural elements…mass, object and tone.
Hands that lift paint, and move and dance with the color.
The physical act of painting, engaging both body and psyche .
Till as through an ever shifting veil.
Bold strokes in strong times.
Creating the Self, yet anew.
With strength movement and energy.
To answer the big question.
What is the meaning of life?
ART being the ability to transcend TIME,
Is but another doorway to our dreams.

The Fine Of Eve T Reed is out now and available to order from the links below!

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