Newmuck, 1880: capital city of England, bloated heart of the punchably smug British Empire and home to the Roustabouts, five hardy and fearless friends aware they live in a strange world of supernatural wonders and threats, but who just want to enjoy a quiet pint or twelve at their local pub, The Bewigged Pig.

But the discovery of a severed nose inside a tin of whelks alerts the Roustabouts to the existence of the Order of the Void, a shadowy group of wealthy businessmen preparing to summon a host of terrible, godlike beings known as the Old Ones into this reality, dooming mankind, the order aided in their efforts by the inhuman Abyss-Dwellers, zealous worshippers of the Old Ones.

So, since no other bugger is volunteering for the job, it falls upon the Roustabouts to stop these sinister forces and save the world – and more importantly, The Bewigged Pig.

A story of friendship, redemption, violence, horror, and a squirrel who either has no ideas or is keeping them to himself.

Written by Alex De-Gruchy, The Eldritch Affair of the Cosmic Ne’re-do-wells: A Roustabouts Brouhaha is out now and available to order from the link below!


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