Young William Belmont has been branded a coward his whole life – a label he hates because he knows it is true.
When Will’s parents are killed in the crossfire between two warring nations he finds himself en route to a prison camp and fears his life is over.

But when Will discovers a lost diary in a ditch he sees in it a way to finally absolve himself of that hated label.
He decides to return the diary to its owner – one Isabella Bertolli – and after a heart-stopping escape from his captors he sets out across a war-torn land with his faithful dog Ada at his side.

During his perilous journey Will encounters minefields, vicious predators, tanks, air raids, prison camps and more, culminating in the discovery of the diary’s final page – a page with the power to change the course of history…

THE FINAL PAGE is an epic tale of courage and sacrifice about the importance of not letting fear control you and understanding that all change begins with a first step…

Written by Thomas John Howard Boggis, The Final Page is out now and available to order from the link below!


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