It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the death of one of our family, Chris Bradshaw, writer and creator of ‘Nazi Werewolf Zombie Inferno’.
Chris sadly died on Monday evening in hospital after succumbing to illness. He will be very sorely missed by us and we send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

RIP, Chris, my friend.

Here is a touching tribute by someone who knew him better than most, Tina Jackson:

Chris Bradshaw 16/10/1961-04/10/2021

As Chris’s many friends around the world recall him and bring him to life in their memories, the word ‘epic’ comes up over and over again. This passionately talented man was a singer, a screenwriter, an actor and with his collaborator Karl Jull, the creator of a none-more-bizarro graphic novel, Markosia’s Nazi Zombie Werewolf Inferno. He was so alive, such a vital presence, that writing about him in the past tense feels wrong.

In every part of his life, he walked the walk. Part Flash Harry, part Lord Byron, part Richard Burton and entirely, beautifully, uniquely his own creation, Chris rollicked through the world with a piratical punk swagger and a devilish glint in eyes smeared with kohl. He was outrageous, had a wicked way with words, the quickest of wits and the true raconteur’s ability to spin a yarn.

Whatever he did he was true to his vision and gave it his own original, larger-than-life spin – for instance, as a singer his gravelly baritone croon brought layers of gothic mystery to the abrasive industrial rock of Burning Retna. In his last years he recorded a beautiful song, A Ghost Story, under the name of Christopher Paris (find it on YouTube!) and was working on a script about the Sex Pistols’ US tour, short stories, and the manuscript of a novel.

In his personal life, Chris was a hugely generous, kind, humane man who thought deeply, cared profoundly, drew people to him wherever he went and made friends he kept for life. He was a loyal friend whose company guaranteed a great time and unforgettable conversation, and a man with a such a great, big, loving heart that it’s unthinkable that it’s stopped beating.

As well as his own exceptional work, he can be found walking through several of the tales in Stories from the Chicken Foot House (Markosia), which is dedicated to him. Rock’n’Roll Dream Tour has my name on it but it’s shot through with his ideas and Captain Chris Rock is him all over.

He was a star who shone very brightly, and burning out, leaves the biggest hole. He will be missed by a lot of people who love him.

Shine on, my crazy diamond.

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