David trained as a Middle Eastern archaeologist before joining a prestigious American excavation as a field surveyor at one of the great sites of the region. At that time he also encountered the magical atmosphere of the Holy City of Jerusalem. But this ancient land was a key part of the ‘Fertile Crescent’, where, with the beginnings of agriculture 10,000 years ago, urbanism began, leading to the birth of Western Civilization. David was determined to discover what it was about the climate, about the environment of the area which had promoted this earth-shattering change in humanity. He put together a multidisciplinary team of scientists and discovered the exciting truth behind the whole process, and at the same time he unexpectedly found his life-long love among the ruins and the Stone Age hunting camps here, getting married in the Old City of Jerusalem, and arranging to be smuggled across the border into Jordan for his honeymoon to show his bride the enchanted city of Petra. This book charts these events with great passion and, as always, with ‘laugh out loud’ humour. The book is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in this part of the world, ancient or modern.

Written by David Price Williams, An Ancient Land: Genesis Of An Archaeologist is out now in hardback and available to order from the links below, with a paperback edition to follow in May!


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