The modern political environment is not the first time America’s paranoia infected the world.

Every generation the media is blamed for the unruly behaviour of the young. in the 80s it was Heavy Metal, during the 90s it was rap and computer games. Well, there was once a time when comic books were branded public menace #1. Statistics showed one hundred million Americans were reading the newspaper comic section every day in the 1950s, making them the most dominant art form at the time. Movies only managed an audience of some ninety million a week – less than one-sixth that of comics.

The subsequent Senate Hearings into juvenile delinquency would not only change the comic industry forever, it inspired an age of true horror across the globe, allowing government sanctioned witch hunts to destroy the lives of everyday people looking for hidden perils in a seemingly dangerous world. With a cast that includes Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Joseph McCarthy, America’s first serial killer, Albert Fish, Stan ‘The Man’ Lee and many others, ‘Horror: The First Time America’s Paranoia infected The World’ is a tale based on the true stories of those affected by these strange times.

Written by Phil Hore, HORROR: The First Time America’s Paranoia Infected The World is out now and available to order from the links below!

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