A Disgusting Supermarket of Death collects hard-boiled shorts about satanic Christmas movies, performance-art euthanasia, child-sacrifice skincare, and other demented goodness from Jim Harberson, co-author of Markosia’s acclaimed graphic novel, Stay Alive. The characters you’ll meet within include:

  • a corrupt prison warden who sells true crime fanatics a serial killer meet and greet;
  • healthcare workers who cause a massive car pile-up so they can murder its victims;
  • a Hollywood undertaker who sells rich perverts carnal access to recently departed celebrities;
  • secret cutting club members whose existence presages a bloody nightmare at their high school;
  • a supermodel who, while recovering from plastic surgery at a Swiss clinic, discovers that she has simultaneously washed up dead on a tropical beach;
  • an overeager life coach who cyberstalks and surreptitiously abuses her clients to better them;
  • an OCD sufferer whose irrational fear of being falsely suspected of murder sends him on a neighborhood killing spree;
  • a health insurer using insidious tactics to discourage patients from seeking costly care; and,
  • police officers who mysteriously murder their colleagues and each other after executing a lethal, botched raid.

Horror tinged with comedy, or comedy tinged with horror, these stories should delight even the most jaded speculative fiction fans.

Written by James C. Harberson III, A Disgusting Supermarket Of Death is out now and available to order from the links below.

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