covers_new.inddThomas Griffiths Wainewright, a talented 19th Century writer and artist, was also a notorious dandy, profligate and swindler, transported to Australia for audacious frauds on the Bank of England to pay for his excesses. He was accused of far greater crimes – poisoning his sister-in-law after insuring her for a huge amount, and possibly killing his mother-in-law and uncle – all to pay off his huge debts. This new biography draws on years of research and scores of documents previously unpublished to look at the evidence again.

Was he really a murderer?

John Price Williams is a journalist who worked in Fleet Street on the Daily Telegraph and Observer then at BBC News in London as producer and editor. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and has written several books on classic cars.


The Fatal Cup: Thomas Griffiths Wainewright And The Strange Deaths Of His Relations hardback edition is available to order from Amazon from the links below now! (Note: Even though Amazon may list some of our books as being “temporarily out of stock” our distributors have assured us that they will fulfil orders via Amazon as soon as they’re made in the usual way and that books ordered from Amazon will reach customers as quickly as if they were listed as being in stock).


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