covers_new.inddHave you ever wanted something so bad you’d kill for it?

Did you ever kill someone to get it?

Finnish creators Petri Hänninen (To End All Wars Anthology) and Petri Hiltunen (Anabasis) have extended the meaning of “Nordic noir” with this stylish black-and-white retelling of Shakespeare’s immortal Scottish play.

When three witches tell general Macbeth that one day he’ll be the next king of Scotland, that prophesy will send him spiraling into a vortex of madness and murder. Torn between his conscience and his lust for power, he sets out on a path that will cost him everything he holds dear. The allure of the crown does not taste so sweet when you can’t tell your friends from your enemies anymore. Blood will demand more blood.

Hänninen and Hiltunen are following the original story faithfully, but at the same time transforming it into a unique and powerful graphic novel for a modern audience.

68 pages | Black & White
ISBN: 978-1-912700-62-2

Writer: Petri Hänninen
Artist: Petri Hiltunen

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