9781912700967_cvr.inddMillennia before the Golden Ages of Egypt and Greece, a uniquely marvellous race of humans existed on the shores of what today is a portion of the northern rim of the Indian Ocean, on the northeast side of the Andaman Sea. They called themselves the Tagatu. They could have–perhaps would have–ruled the world.

And then they vanished.

Their former greatness and their relationship to the giant species of anthropoids known as the Kongs are only hinted at in a colossal Wall that still spans the peninsula of Skull Island. How did the Tagatu come to live on that prehistoric island, and how could they have built such a Wall in the midst of so many terrifyingly powerful dinosaurs?

KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND Part 1: EXODUS reveals the hidden history of the spectacular Tagatu civilisation, the origins of the mighty Kongs and the strange, ancient interactions that enabled their survival in the midst of global catastrophe. Facing impossible obstacles, the remarkable exodus of an entire civilisation unfolds against a cataclysmic backdrop, leading to an unlikely destination: Skull Island.

The survivors confront the indigenous, pseudo-sentient population of terrifying saurians called “Deathrunners,” led by a god-like carnosaur of titanic size and ferocity, a beast the Tagatu call “Gaw.” Unless a Wall can be built quickly enough to cope with these and other physical, psychological, and philosophical challenges, the unimaginable dangers of Skull Island threaten to wipe the Kongs and the Tagatu from the face of the earth…

“Some years ago, Joe DeVito set out on an expedition into the dreamscape of King Kong. This book is a full report on their explorations, from the revelations of Carl Denham’s diary to a chronicling of the native culture, geology, natural history, and primordial mysteries of Kong’s Skull Island home. KING KONG of SKULL ISLAND is not merely inspired by Merian C. Cooper’s classic fantasy–it enriches and expands upon it.”Mark Cotta Vaz, Author of Living Dangerously: The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper, Creator of King Kong

180 pages | Prose
ISBN: 978-1-912700-96-7

Writers: Joe DeVito & Brad Strickland
Illustrator: Joe DeVito

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