It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Azim Akberali, who has passed away after a lengthy battle with illness.

One of the founding members of Orang Utan Comics, Azim contributed both interior art and, most notably, a series of stunning fully painted covers to a number of Markosia titles over the years. He painted the cover to, and worked on interior art for the Eagle Award nominated Eleventh Hour, and was also nominated for an Eagle Award in his own right. He went on to provide cover art for Alpha Gods, Hypergirl and The Return of the Son of Eleventh Hour, as well as numerous projects at Tidalwave Productions, including their Political Power: Barack Obama comic.

More than being a great artist Azim was a great friend and a kind, generous spirit. He will be sorely missed.

14 thoughts on “Farewell to Azim Akberali…

  1. It is indeed a sad loss, he was my nephew, may his soul rest in peace ameen. This is a lovely tribute to him. Thank you


  2. Excellent tribute to a wonderful kid, my nephew, He went to kindergarten with our son Fardeen at Patel Nursery school in 1985.
    Still have his childhood memories that we will cherish forever. Hard to believe he is no more. May the departed soul RIP.


  3. AZIM was a profile on courage. A very talented young person. A culture gentleman
    soft spoken with bright ideas, all his ideas were par-excellence. He struggle bravely with his illness for a long time but never gave up Hope. I have met him in person on my journeys to DSM. He is my nephew. AZIM remains an INSPIRATION to all.
    Azim is survived by his Beloved mother Mumtazbegum and a dear elder brother Akim.


  4. I am so saddened to hear this news. Azim was indeed a tremendously kind, thoughtful and humble man, atop his world-class artistic talents. He will be missed, and I will treasure the correspondence we shared over the years. His star shone bright!


  5. I am honoured to have known him. He really meant the world to a niche community and his talents will love on in the impressive works he created. Rest peacefully my friend. Ameen.


  6. My very close brother and friend.
    I had known Azim for nearly 30 years, one of the finest person I have ever met.
    A genuinely humble individual with a good sense of humour, exceptionally talented at school and even more at his outstanding work.

    A big loss to us all but in particular to his dear mother Mumtaz aunty who has shown an outstanding characteristic to beat patience and forbearance over the years.

    Sincerely praying for this amazing individual, Azim. Will miss him dearly.


  7. “Some souls are too beautiful for this world, so they leave”.

    Azim was such a pure and selfless soul. An academic genius and an incredibly talented artiste. I am so fortunate that our paths crossed. He will always have a very special place in my heart. I will remeber him till the end of my days.

    Farewell my dearest friend, until we meet again.


  8. Thank you very much for the lovely and touching tribute. My brother Azim was my Hero and I am really proud of him. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and grant him the highest place in Jannah. Ameen.

    Azim, you are alive through my prayers and wishes, so rest peacefully, brother. You have touched countless lives in your lifetime, and you live through your good deeds even after your death. I will miss you always, my brother. My brother, you were the greatest friend, companion and joy that I could have had. By the will of Allah, we shall meet again. Ameen.


  9. He was my childhood best friend, and the oldest one. I miss you, Azim. Thanks for all the memories of Sewa St, playing with legos, and OPS.


  10. Still in disbelief!! I have known Azim since elementary school…. Countless memories. Such a humble soul with awesome intelligence and an amazing sense of humor.
    Can’t believe you’re gone. Will treasure priya’s portrait you had made. Thank you so much helping me with my projects. Will miss you alot! Till we meet again Laxmichand!


  11. I am still in disbelief. Never thought I would be writing this for Azim. I have known him since elementary school… Countless memories! He was a humble being with immense intelligence and an amazing sense of humor. Will miss talking to him about new movies especially the cartoons. Not to forget he would be the first one to send me any greetings, be it Diwali, birthday or Christmas. I will always treasure the portrait he made of my daughter. Thank you Azim for always helping me out with my crafts projects. Will miss you alot! Till we meet again, Laxmichand!


  12. Azim bhai(brother) we shall always miss you. Thank you for bringing joy and love through your art to thousands of people. You shall always be remembered as a kind and brave person. Even-though you were going through so much never once did you complain. May Allah grant you Jannah and eternal peace.


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