We have become increasingly aware that Amazon are currently listing many of our books as out of stock. Our printers and distributors print our books to order and so when you order one of our books on Amazon it is printed and delivered straight to you. As a result of this none of our books should ever be listed as “Out Of Stock.” And yet they are.

Our distributors have assured us that they will continue to fulfil orders via Amazon as soon as they’re made in the usual way and that books ordered from Amazon will reach customers as quickly as if they were listed as being in stock. To put it simply, even though Amazon may tell you that one of our books is out of stock, it should still be delivered to you as quickly as the next day (for Prime members) if you place an order.

We’re continuing to discuss this issue with both Amazon and our distributors and hopefully it will be rectified soon, but, in the meantime, please continue to keep ordering our items and we can assure you that they’ll keep being dispatched to you in the usual way.

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