106 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-914926-12-9

Writer: Thomas Ryan Cuming
Artist: Nícolas Santos


Roald Cabot is a modern-day, solo explorer made famous by his daring attempts to cross remote landscapes. He has danced with death on many occasions, but on his world record attempt to traverse the North Pole by foot, death comes to him in the form of a Polar bear…

Or so he thinks…

NORTH is the story of perseverance and man’s struggle against both supernatural and inner demons. The line between fact and fiction becomes blurred when Roald is saved by a fast-talking lunatic born out of another century.

Jack Higgins and his dog Buck are exactly the wrong kind of rescue team. With his ink-stained teeth and tattered animal furs, Jack seems more like a man lost than found. But, even with limited medical knowledge, Jack understands that Roald will soon die if he doesn’t receive proper care. He packs Roald into his sled and takes him to the nearest civilization: a long-abandoned Soviet city unknown to the rest of the world.

“HOPE” is the city that time forgot. Its existence is a secret, centuries old, kept by the people that still inhabit it. People who claim to be keepers of the North and the protectors of the southern world. People like Jack. People who claim to be…

Hunters of the Yeti.