covers_new.inddFun for the whole family, Playground and Hobby Squad encourage a return to outdoor activities and hands-on hobbies through the use of timeless and, in some cases, forgotten childhood playground games, unplugged/hands-on hobbies, and healthier eating. Playground and Hobby Squad send the subtle message to kids, moms and dads alike to rediscover what it means to simply have fun getting dirty on the playground of life!

Felix loves vegetables more than most little boys. On his first day at a new school, Felix eats a glowing stalk of broccoli in the Valley Village Elementary School’s Organic Garden that happens to be adjacent to the school’s playground. Felix is imbued with the powers of the Playground. From now on, any playground game is far more than a game when Felix plays.

Principal Strict is Felix’s nemesis and he’s looking for a new informant/hall monitor. He has the ability to give ice cream headaches, and too much candy stomach aches to anyone who stands in his way. Felix and Principal Strict slug it out on the playground with the happiness of all the students at Valley Village Elementary in the balance.

“When I met Adam Rose, we became fast friends due to our mutual love of comics. We were both working on personal projects, hoping some day to not just enjoy and consume comics, but to produce them, as well. While I am still noodling away on mine, Adam has, through much time, love, blood, sweat, and tears, brought his first project into the world. With ”Playground: Attack of the Gurgle Bots”, he and artist Charles Toefield have created a first issue with punchy art, engaging characters, and a world to build on. It’s a comic book they should be proud of, and I’m looking forward to reading issue number two and beyond!”
Paul Scarlata
Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be awesome. With super- powers. I achieved that goal. Read this book, and you might, too.”
Ian Lendler
The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Shakespeare’s Macbeth – First Second Publishing

72 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-911243-57-1

Writer: Adam Rose
Artist: Charles Toefield

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