Catholic assassin priests. Demonic, sword-wielding Scottish fairies. Pacifist Norwegian trolls. Germanic grain devils. All this and more in Markosia Comics’ critically acclaimed, limited series, PLAGUE, collected for the first time with never-before-seen bonus pages.

The Black Death was a real-life plague that swept through Europe in the 1300s, killing millions across the continent. But it was no accident – the bubonic plague was a weapon, created by the church to wipe out mankind’s age-old enemy: the creatures of myth and legend!

“An engaging read, particularly for fans of THE SANDMAN.”
World Comics Review

“FANTASTIC and well-written narrative”
Comic Unknown

“I cannot say enough positive things about this – other than I MUST see it to its conclusion. Make sure you do the same.”
Geeks Of Doom

“The best of classical fantasy escapism mixed with the worst of medieval era real-life horrors…a GRIPPING read.”
Stranger Worlds

“INGENIOUS… layered and far more COMPLEX than you would expect from what appears to be a simple fantasy story.”
Comic Crusaders

“I can’t recommend a modern day mini-series more… A hidden gem. A MASTERPIECE.”
Anything Geek Culture

“One of the best and most AMBITIOUS debuts in recent years… this, my friends, is what they make AWARD CEREMONIES for.”
Reading with a Flight Ring

“Fun, EXCITING, and continues to impress.”
Indie Comix

“It’s hard to critique a story that’s virtually FLAWLESS… there’s not much for me to say other than IT’S GOOD. BUY IT.”
Comic Bastards

140 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-912700-05-9

Writers: Dennis MaGee Fallon & Jason Palmatier
Artist: Zach Brunner

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