covers_new.inddFailed singer Art Bright is an unremarkable young man, except for one thing – he might just be the reincarnation of King Arthur. His stalker Derek Border certainly seems to think so. But then Derek has taken to calling himself ‘Merlin’ and has even assembled a new Knights of the Round Table and tracked down a former porn star, who he reckons is Lady Guinevere.

But if Derek is mad, why have he and Art attracted the attention of the real Morgana Le Fay and her new best friend, a dragon named Crueltooth? And, while all this is going on, what is Mordred up to, and why does the Lady In The Lake seem to harbour a grudge against Art? And… look, just buy the book and find out, okay?

Pendragon: The Quest For King Arthur is an outrageous comic adventure from Eagle Award-winning writer Andy Winter, artist Jim Lavery, colourist Aljosa Tomic, and letterer Robin Jones.

100 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-911243-26-7

Writer: Andy Winter
Artist: Jim Lavery

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