covers_new.inddFlip is an anthology of alternate reality stories and flipped worlds, real-world what-ifs going against convention. Speculative fiction that examines our world and turns it on its head.


Welcome to the monkey-eat-monkey flip world of luchador gorilla wrestling! Where fame is within reach…but a serious relationship seems miles and miles away.


Welcome to a flip world where no one retires at an old age but instead enters the workforce much later than usual. Watch as this cop adventure brings new meaning to the words, young at heart!


Welcome to a flip world psychological thriller where the smallest decision can have the biggest implications on the rest of your life…or death.


And finally, welcome to Flipworlds! Worlds slightly different from our own and worlds that Victor and Chiara control in their own way. What happens when they meet in a strange new Flipworld? Does love or hate rule the day?

Are all these stories flips of reality…or simply just stories about real life? Flip it over and find out…

Volume One includes four stories:

  1. Gorillas In The Ring – a magical relationship story by Derek Kunsken, Wendy Muldon & Ian Sharman.
  2. Retire Early – by Marcello Bondi, Francesco Della Santa / Salvatore Coppola, & Alberto Massetti
  3. On Time – by Jack Briglio, Hugh Rookwood, Eleonora Dalla Rosa & Marvin S. Mariano.
  4. Flipworlds – Unravel the mystery by Jack Briglio, Miguel Jorge, Eleonora Dalla Rosa & Ian Sharman.

72 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-912700-33-2

Editor: Jack Briglio

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