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For millennia beyond counting the argument has raged: whose mount is swiftest? For Odin OneEye, All Father and Eternal King of golden Asgard, there has ever been but one answer: his seven-legged steed, Slepnir! Thor Thunderer, Prince of Asgard and strongest of all who live, has other ideas. His mount is a golden chariot, and it is not pulled by anything so mundane as a seven-legged horse. Rather, it is drawn by what Thor believes to be the swiftest beasts in all creation: his twin goats, Teethgnasher and Teethgrinder! Now, at last, the time has come to settle the dispute. A race, to decide once and for all time, whose mount truly is the swiftest! But when your mount can easily outpace the rays of the sun, no normal, namby-pamby track will do. No, you must race to the end of the greatest track of all: the Universe itself!


But what if the Universe has no end…?

If you are two of that Universe’s mightiest gods, you make your own! And if the universe doesn’t like it…?


Enter seven-year-old Preston T. Thermopoly, and his tiny, immortal friend, Glimwir Starsong of the Wyrd. Together this unlikely duo will journey across the Nine Worlds of the Universe, making friends, and battling gods, all in an effort to stop the race that could spell the end of everything…

200 pages | Prose
ISBN: 978-1-913359-00-3

Writer: Scott Clements

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