covers_new.inddThe participants in an epic battle fought thousands of years ago have risen again, and the world as we know it is almost at an end.

When seventeen year-old Alex Stone leaves Northwood Boarding school to accompany her father on a controversial archaeological dig in Egypt, she has no idea that she will be responsible for awakening Set, the dark god of chaos. The balance between good and evil has tipped in Set’s favour, and only Isis, goddess of light and Ancient Egypt’s most fearsome warrior queen can defeat him. But Isis died in 3200 BC.

Schoolgirl Alex is scared of pretty much everything, but she’s going to have to find her courage if she’s to be worthy of the Throne Eternal, and save her father, her friends, and the entire planet from the claws of Set.

236 pages | Prose
ISBN: 978-1-912700-13-4

Writer: Matthew J Elliott

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