260 pages | Prose
ISBN: 978-1-913802-24-0

Writer: James C. Harberson III

A Disgusting Supermarket of Death collects hard-boiled shorts about satanic Christmas movies, performance-art euthanasia, child-sacrifice skincare, and other demented goodness from Jim Harberson, co-author of Markosia’s acclaimed graphic novel, Stay Alive. The characters you’ll meet within include:

  • a corrupt prison warden who sells true crime fanatics a serial killer meet and greet;
  • healthcare workers who cause a massive car pile-up so they can murder its victims;
  • a Hollywood undertaker who sells rich perverts carnal access to recently departed celebrities;
  • secret cutting club members whose existence presages a bloody nightmare at their high school;
  • a supermodel who, while recovering from plastic surgery at a Swiss clinic, discovers that she has simultaneously washed up dead on a tropical beach;
  • an overeager life coach who cyberstalks and surreptitiously abuses her clients to better them;
  • an OCD sufferer whose irrational fear of being falsely suspected of murder sends him on a neighborhood killing spree;
  • a health insurer using insidious tactics to discourage patients from seeking costly care; and,
  • police officers who mysteriously murder their colleagues and each other after executing a lethal, botched raid.

Horror tinged with comedy, or comedy tinged with horror, these stories should delight even the most jaded speculative fiction fans.

“This collection is GREAT! As in 5 STARS worth of greatness! Perfect, bite-sized stories to give you an escape from that overrated thing called reality, without keeping you up all night turning pages. It felt kind of luxurious to come back to this book daily for a dose of Harberson Horror Humor. At over 250 pages there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had from James C. Harberson III’s A Disgusting Supermarket of Death! Seriously readers, get yourself a copy of this book. You won’t regret it and it’s awesome for scaring away people that want to talk to you at the doctor’s office. Worked for me!” Damaged Skull Reviewer

A Disgusting Supermarket of Death is filled to the brim with grisly original and fresh concepts which leave me optimistic for future works from Harberson, who has already developed a pretty unique style and voice despite a very short bibliography.” horrorbuzz.com

“The latest release from author James C. Harberson delivers in bloody grandiose fashion, unrelenting until the very final paragraphs.” horrornews.net