covers_new.inddIt’s summer and Zach and his parents are setting off on an exciting family vacation to Australia. However, almost as soon as they touch down in the land down under, things start going terribly wrong: Zach’s dad disappears at the airport, leaving behind a boat ticket and a seemingly random pile of items.

It soon becomes evident that Zach’s dad has been kidnapped, and that it’s all somehow tied up with the return of the famous Nanga Mai Boomerang, an Australian event that’s managed to capture worldwide attention.

Keeping his wits about him, Zach must now go on an epic journey, following clues and solving mysteries as he and his mum gather knowledge about his dad’s whereabouts. Trekking through exotic locations, facing perilous dangers, and (of course) solving the most terrific puzzles, Zach learns a lot about both his family and himself as they continue on their extraordinary adventure across the outback.

Zach would never have thought that by travelling ‘down under,’ his world would get turned upside down!

Zack In The Land Down under takes you on a whirlwind adventure where nothing is as it seems and there’s everything to play for. Are you ready to follow Zach on the holiday of a lifetime? Can you solve the clues to aid him in his quest? And, most importantly, can you help him finally track down his beloved dad?

148 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-911243-88-5

Writer: A.O. Gunno
Artist: Elena Yakovleva

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