covers_new.inddEver felt you didn’t belong?

As if you should have lived in the past or the future instead of the world we live in now?

Well look no further!

Out of Time follows a collection of employees at a company that for a small fee will be able to send you to either the future or the past to live an entirely new life.

The one catch: don’t make any cataclysmic changes to history.

We follow Redmond, a depressed forty something wishing that his life had been different, Lizzie, a young girl who is sure that her dreams will come true through reality TV, NC-1000 aka Nigel, an employee who has made so many era jumps that he now thinks he is a robot and Annette a shape changing alien.

Four pen pushers who have the job of making sure that history remains in tact.

78 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-911243-65-6

Writer: Luke James Halsall
Artist: Cuttlefish

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