The Cosplay Journal Vol 2 Cover FixThe third volume of The Cosplay Journal is here, bringing more ideas, insight, and interviews from the world of cosplay and costume making.

The Cosplay Journal is a coffee table periodical focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay. We want to show that not only can anyone from any walk of life be involved in cosplay, but also that we’re all capable of learning new skills, creating amazing things and bringing joy into our own and other people’s lives through the art form of costume making.

The Cosplay Journal’s mission is to dispel the myths about cosplay and cosplayers, as well as promoting cosplay as way into a new world and maybe even a new career.

There is no one way to be a cosplayer. Many mainstream media outlets choose to show only certain elements of cosplay, creating an idea that cosplayers have to be “traditionally attractive,” which has led many to believe that they can’t cosplay. This is, of course, not the case because the idea of traditional beauty is ridiculous and damaging to society as a whole and it really doesn’t matter, what matters is having fun in your costume. We believe that everyone is beautiful and so we showcase a whole rainbow of truly stunning, talented, diverse people of all shapes, sizes, races and genders.

This volume includes an interview with Critical Role artist, Kit Buss, talking about the amazing work she has done with Critical Role as well as her own project, Cloven. It’s also full of thought-provoking articles, ranging from race in cosplay, to the history of costuming, as well as looking at the many different crafts and skills you can use to bring your ideas to life, such as puppetry and embroidery, on top of all the amazing featured cosplayers and regular articles.

80 pages | Full Colour
ISBN: 978-1-912700-54-7

Editor & Head Writer: Holly Rose Swinyard
Head Photographer: Megan Amis
Editor In Chief: Ian Sharman

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