‘For the good of Faery. You must die!’

Nanny Crooked is a witch. That makes her the only person who can truly understand little Pumpernickel – a changeling who has been accepted, albeit uneasily, by her surrogate parents. Both have one foot in the human world and one in the magical world of Faery.

As the girl’s babysitter, and the closest thing she has to a grandmother, Nanny acts as Pumpernickel’s confidant and guide to things both natural and supernatural, the only person in which she can completely confide.

But Nanny knows that something bad is brewing, and not just the contents of her cauldron. The Hidden People are suddenly a lot less hidden – downright mischievous, in fact – and the chaos all seems to point to something Pumpernickel did, or more accurately didn’t.

From the imagination of Luke Cooper, Nanny Crooked is the sequel to the twisted modern fairy tale, Pumpernickel, and a story about unlikely friendship and choosing your own path.

Pumpernickel: Nanny Crooked is out now and available from the link below!


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