What is the Book of Evermore?

“It is a book of magic, and of happy endings, fairy tales, and of wonder– concepts now lost to old soldiers like us, but splendors only a child could love and appreciate.” Robert Cotton, English Antiquarian

Evermore is a world trapped within the pages of a cursed book, one said to have appeared after the very first story was told. No one knows who first beheld the tome, for anyone who reads from the pages vanishes and is never seen again, except for one: Robert Cotton; who gifts the book on his death bed to his friend Fredrick’s daughter on Christmas Eve. Robert knew it as a kind and wonderful world. but that was a long time ago. Now, it is a place of anguish and monsters, creatures of legend, and other vile things. Even places such as Wonderland and Sleepy Hollow have become twisted versions of the stories readers once knew. And after Abigail takes a peek inside, she, too, is gone, leaving her father to brave the world of Evermore to find her.

“9/10.” Comical Opinions

“This is an excellent series.” 3millionyears

“Evermore is first and foremost a story superbly told.” WorldComicBookReview

“An impressive first issue and one that I can highly recommend checking out.” Midlifegamergeek

Written by Joshua Gamon and illustrated by Aleksander Bozic Ske, Evermore it out now and available from the link below!


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