Out now from Markosia on DriveThruComics!

Dimensioneer: Crown Of Power!

A traveler of all worlds! A master of space and dimension! A man using demonic powered magic in a world ruled by science! A hero with fantastic powers he hasn’t even begun to understand! He is constantly having to face dimensional demons and other foes far more powerful than himself…Dan Ditko…that peerless paragon of parallel possibilities – The Dimensioneer!

Reading this fantastic Graphic Novel you’ll have the time of your life with living pyramids, giant mummies, vampires, demon spider men, murdering mercenaries, giant mummies and living pyramid, plus the crown of power itself! All this plus, the Animator becomes Pharaoh of the World… The Demon Zaltavar is finally able to enter the realm of man… The Dimensioneer is banished to Hell… All this and the return of the Space Gods!

What more could you ask for? Face it, adventure lovers, “The Crown of Power” Saga has it all!

Written and illustrated by Dan Reed, click HERE to download Dimensioneer: Crown Of Power! on DriveThruComics now!

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