Out now from Markosia on ComiXology!

Identity Stunt Vol. 2 #4

“The Long Kiss Goodnight” – It’s Christmas Day in Studio City, and the wicked Doctor Father’s gift of violence and mayhem has brought the town to its knees. Stepping out of the smoke, dust, and rubble is Sami Nasser, galvanized by a better understanding of his abilities…and his own, personal history. With some help from the resolute and armor-tough Jolene Armstrong, Sami brings the fight to Doctor Father and his battalion of deranged Beatdown doppelgangers, despite a heroic victory being far from assured. Writer Joe R. Khachadourian and artist Rei Lay take you through the final lap of this Identity Stunt race, with the report of the next round’s starter pistol ringing in your ears!

Written by Joe Khachadurian and illustrated by Rei Lay, click the link below to download Identity Stunt Vol. 2 #4 on ComiXology now!

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